Kudos Award

Our recognition

The purpose of our “Kudos Award” is to acknowledge the superior performance of the members of our team. All our interpreters and translators are eligible after 6 months of working with CCI Group no matter if they are full time or part time employees.

Every 6 moths We give this recognition based on four different categories:

  1. Attendance and punctuality
  2. Customer reviews
  3. Initiative (Going the extra mile)
  4. Contribution to the company

We couldn’t provide outstanding service without the support of our interpreters, translators and support team and that’s why we decided to create our own “Kudos Award”

Winners of this award are featured on our website and social media and they also receive a certificate and a gift card

This time, our “KUDOS AWARD” goes to:


Nicole is one of the newest members of our team but in the short time that she has been with us, she has proven to be a great asset! She has a degree in Sign Language Interpreting from Valencia College and is taking the necessary steps to get her national certification.

​Nicole is constantly showing us how simply doing her job is not enough for her.

Thank you Nicole and kudos to you!