CCI Group’s Pandemic Resilience: FSBDC at UCF Paves the Way for Growth



CCI Group Resilience

Our Client-Centric Approach, Technological Innovation, and Community Commitment Drive Success

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, creating something from scratch is a rewarding adventure. It’s the journey of building a thriving enterprise, of ingeniously addressing the needs of customers, of creating employment opportunities, and of giving back to the community. CCI Group, has achieved all of this and attributes a significant portion of our success to the invaluable support we received from the Small Business Development Center at the University of Central Florida (FSBDC at UCF).

At CCI Group, we take pride in offering interpretation and translation services that transcend mere words. With our expertise spanning over 200 languages and a blend of in-person and remote services, we’ve harnessed the power of technology and assembled a highly skilled team to redefine communication outcomes for our clients. Our client base spans both the private and public sectors, serving law firms, medical institutions, and school districts across Florida. Remarkably, we’ve expanded our reach nationally, forging new client relationships in Georgia and Texas.

Our CEO, Indy Vega, passionately highlights our unique services, stating, “We’re not just substituting words; we’re facilitating genuine cross-cultural communication. Our capabilities are vast. For instance, our over-the-phone interpretation service connects clients to an interpreter in as little as 48 seconds. With our remote simultaneous interpretation, we can make events or webinars truly inclusive, offering multi-language presentations in real-time, be it in English, Spanish, Creole, or Portuguese.”

Driven to elevate our company to new heights, Indy Vega sought the expertise of FSBDC at UCF, which provides free consulting, business training, workshops, and access to comprehensive market research resources. She made full use of these resources, saying, “We’ve tapped into a wide range of services offered by FSBDC. One standout was the Business Recovery Team, a CARES Act-funded consulting service, which was exceptional. They partnered with us for six months, offering invaluable assistance with budgeting, planning, and marketing, among other aspects. Every facet of our company benefited from FSBDC’s support. They were a game-changer for us.”

Reflecting on the transformative impact of FSBDC’s assistance, Vega emphasized, “Words can’t capture the influence FSBDC has had on our business growth. When I first connected with them, I was a solo practitioner with just one part-time employee. Now, we’ve grown to a team of 10, not only in Central Florida but also internationally. This is something I never thought possible. Recently, we even organized a company retreat to express our gratitude. None of this would have been feasible without the FSBDC’s help.”

Vega continued, “FSBDC also introduced me to the importance of community involvement. I used to believe that was the domain of larger corporations. However, today, CCI Group is actively engaged with organizations like THE CENTER, a non-profit supporting the LGBTQ community, and the Orlando Center for Justice, which aids immigrants in Central Florida. I credit this newfound commitment to my partnership with FSBDC.”

In conclusion, Indy Vega shared her resounding praise for the FSBDC, stating, “My experience collaborating with FSBDC has been nothing short of amazing. If you were to ask me the same question in 10 years, my answer would remain the same: FSBDC was an integral part of CCI Group’s journey, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them, without a doubt.”

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