Breaking Language Barriers: CCI Group’s Automatic Subtitling Platform



Automatic Subtitling

Welcome to the future of effective communication and understanding! Say goodbye to language barriers and embrace seamless global connectivity with CCI Group’s revolutionary Automatic Subtitling Platform. With this groundbreaking tool, real-time subtitling and translations during events, presentations, and conferences are no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality.

User-Friendly Interface

To access the subtitles of an event in your preferred language, simply open the link provided on your preferred browser and select your language of choice. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation, catering to both tech-savvy users and those less familiar with technology.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Stay connected on the go! Our platform is fully compatible with mobile devices, allowing attendees to access live subtitles on their smartphones or tablets. Experience events without constraints and enjoy real-time translations while remaining mobile.

Multilingual Support

The platform boasts support for a wide range of languages, offering attendees the opportunity to listen to the event’s original audio while reading live subtitles in their preferred language. Embrace diversity and inclusivity as language barriers vanish before your eyes.

Computer Access

Not limited to mobile devices, the platform extends its functionality to computers as well. By opening the link in a preferred browser on your laptop or desktop, you can seamlessly access the platform interface and enjoy the event’s content without any disruptions.

Seamless Event Experience

Experience events like never before. Our Automatic Subtitling Platform ensures a smooth and uninterrupted event experience. The streamlined interface and automatic subtitle updates keep distractions at bay, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the event’s content.

CCI Group’s Automatic Subtitling Platform is transforming the way we engage with events, offering real-time subtitles and translations in multiple languages. By breaking down language barriers, this innovative solution fosters global connectivity and inclusivity. Embrace diverse cultures, understand different perspectives, and appreciate meaningful conversations with the help of our platform. Say goodbye to language barriers and embrace a world of seamless understanding.

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