Our Amazing Team

Our foundation is the exceptional skill, unwavering tenacity, and outstanding linguistic ability of our team members. Each individual in our team plays a crucial role in delivering superior language translation services that bridge communication gaps across the globe.

Indy Vega
Founder & CEO

Indy Vega Linkedin

As the founder, president, and CEO of CCI Group, I have dedicated over a decade to driving our company to become an industry leader in providing comprehensive language and cultural solutions. I am honored to have been recognized as the 2022 North Florida District and State of Florida Minority Business Owner of the Year by the USBA and as one of MultiLingual Magazine’s 2024 Influencers in the language services industry.

My passion for empowering communities through clear multilingual communication has led me to cultivate collaborative partnerships with government agencies like FEMA, USDA, and USAID. Providing linguistic and cultural expertise is absolutely vital in tackling some of the biggest issues facing our world today. Clear multilingual communication has the power to defuse conflicts, contain the spread of diseases across borders, and diminish the underlying drivers of violence, instability and transnational crime. This mission is deeply personal – it comes from the heart. I ensure my team never loses sight of the profound impact our work can have.

Hazel Martinez
Operations Director

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“As the Operations Director, I am constantly learning, growing, and leveraging my skills to inspire, guide, and positively impact the lives of those around me. By streamlining processes, fostering collaboration, and ensuring the smooth functioning of our organization, I strive to create an environment where every team member can thrive and contribute to our mission of breaking down language barriers.”

María Loera
Project Manager – Translations

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“I love language diversity and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy life and be successful while embracing the language of their heart. As a Project Manager for Translations, my goal is to make this possible for the majority by ensuring that our translation projects are executed with precision, care, and a deep understanding of the cultural nuances that make each language unique.”

Belen Acimovic
Administrative Assistant

Belen Acimovic Linkedin

“Every day, I strive to be a better, more reliable, and honest person. These qualities are essential in ensuring that our team operates smoothly, efficiently, and with the highest level of integrity. By consistently embodying these values, I aim to create a positive and supportive work environment that enables our organization to excel in breaking down language barriers and connecting people across cultures.”

Guille Santana
Business Development Representative

Guille Santana Linkedin

“I am driven to improve the life of every person I encounter, whether through small actions done with excellence or by going above and beyond to meet their unique needs. By building meaningful relationships, understanding challenges, and tailoring language solutions, I aim to positively impact lives and foster global understanding.”

Andrea Vazquez
Administrative Assistant

Andrea Vazquez Linkedin

“Languages constitute a bridge to endless possibilities, and so does kindness. In both my professional role and everyday life, I strive to exemplify the profound impact of kindness in building bridges and creating lasting connections. I aim to foster a positive environment that enables our organization to break down barriers and bring people together.”

Agustina Rotondo
Administrative Assistant

Agustina Rotondo Linkedin

“I’m on a continuous journey of growth, using my skills to inspire and help others. By embracing linguistic diversity, I strive to make life enjoyable and success attainable for everybody. Through my work, I aim to leave a positive impact on all stakeholders around me and foster meaningful connections.”

Diversity & Inclusion

CCI Group is an inclusive Equal Employment Opportunity employer that considers applicants without regard to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disabled or veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

The Center Orlando

The Center Orlando

We support The Center Orlando, an organization that promotes and empowers the LGBT community and its allies through information, education, advocacy and support.

Orlando Center for Justice

Orlando Center for Justice

We support the Orlando Center for Justice, a non-profit that offers legal services to those who may not qualify for traditional legal aid but also don’t have enough to pay for a private attorney.

Our Commitment to Gender Equality

“I raise up my voice—not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard… We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”
Malala Yousafzai

We envision a world where everyone has access to meaningful communication, where everyone is treated fairly and with respect and where all people have the opportunity to live up to their full potential. In order to make this vision a reality, a true commitment and bold action for gender equality is desperately needed from all of us.

At CCI Group, we believe that it is imperative that we all do our part in ending the multiple forms of gender violence and in promoting equal access to quality education and health, economic resources and participation in political life for everyone, regardless of their gender identity.

CCI Group is committed to empowering women and to prioritizing any and all actions that move us a step closer to achieving gender equality in the work we perform on the job and in our communities, and to supporting a legislative agenda that promotes women’s equality. This commitment was clearly manifested at the 2022 CCI Group company retreat called “Better Together”.

From the place where we held our retreat, to the company gifts that were provided, to the speakers that participated, CCI Group made sure that around 70% were coming from women-owned businesses and will continue with this initiative moving forward.

As another sign of our commitment, CCI Group proudly promotes “TheWMarketplace” (an ecommerce site where real women are selling real products). We invite you to support this ecosystem of women-owned businesses and to do whatever is necessary to advance gender equality.